Behind the Music of boywithahalo

Boywithahalo is an independent Asian-American musician, designer, artist, and content creator.

His debut single "help" was released in February 2020, signaling a new musical direction as a solo independent artist.

His Spotify currently has 120k+ monthly listeners.

His most recent notable work are remixes of songs by Wilbur Soot ("Internet Ruined Me" and "I'm in Love with an E-girl") and Among Us streams on Twitch with notable brands and creators.

He has collaborated and supported prominent acts in the background such as Future, Asian Doll, Queen Naija, and Jayson Lyric, working multi-platinum music producers such as Major Seven, Fresh Ayr (J Oliver), Oktober 1st, and Lonestarrmuzik.

Some career highlights include music placements for XXL Magazine, winning 1st place in iStandard's 2017 Producer Showcase and placing as finalist in its international competition held in ATL, creating the unofficial animated music video of Billie Eilish's "ilomilo" in 2019, nomination for "Best Song" on the Dallas Observer publication in 2020, and hitting 2k streams on Spotify the 1st week of artist page debut.